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Family Services

Family Services

We put families first

Foote Law understands family services. Throughout any family law proceedings what matters most is finding the best possible solutions that will support the whole family. Our clients’ best interests guide our decisions at all times. With care and sensitivity, Foote Law will explore creative solutions that work to support everyone involved. Foote Law provides the following services to guide you through all of your family law needs. Contact us today for your personal consultation.

Marriage Contracts

  • Today’s marriage agreements look a little different from those of the past. With second families, step-relationships, varying income earning potentials and/or retirement income or investments, particularly when it comes to second marriages, many couples choose to establish clear guidelines prior to marriage. If you and your soon to be spouse need support walking through this sometimes sensitive topic, we can help.

Cohabitation Agreements

  • You may not “need a piece of paper” to signify your commitment to one another but without a cohabitation agreement, your rights are at risk. We help you know your rights and to protect your assets.
  • Cohabitation Agreements may be used to help determine rights to receive or pay support, to share in the value of assets accumulated over the course of your relationship and more.
  • Remember, the “right to share in property for married couples” does NOT apply to common law couples.

Separation Agreements

  • Relationships break down and when they do many decisions need to be made (e.g., how are we going to divide assets, where are the children going to reside, how much support is payable?)
  • Foote Law can help you navigate through these confusing and stressful times while protecting your interests and advising you of your rights and obligations under the law.
  • Foote Law helps families work through the details while preserving the dignity and respect of all.


  • Divorce is never easy. In our current “No Fault” divorce system, couples must wait a minimum of one year prior to being granted a divorce.
  • Additionally, resolving all outstanding issues that arose as a result of the relationship breakdown including: parenting time, support issues, equalization etc. require a court order or separation agreement.
  • Ask us how we can support you through divorce proceedings

Decision Making & Parenting Time

Parenting is one of the hardest jobs you will ever have whether you are together or apart. Our responsibility is to always work in the best interests of the child, whether in matters related to decision making responsibilities, parenting time or contact Once again, at Foote Law, our team is dedicated to putting the family first and finding equitable solutions that work.

Child Support

  • We help fight for secure child support, ensure there is a fair and accurate assessments determination of income for support purposes of support payments and for the continuation of payments even during times of dispute and will assist with annual adjustments for child support purposes.
  • Determining the amount of child support can be a complex and technical process, particularly if either party is self employed, attempting to hide assets or income, when post-secondary education is involved or when more than one parents is responsible for payments (e.g., biological parent and/or step-parent).
  • In addition to child support, Section 7/extraordinary expenses, such as medical expenses not covered through benefits or extra-curricular activities may also be payable. Foote Law assists in gathering the necessary financial documents in order to help determine the appropriate amount of support and the proportional amounts payable and by whom.

Spousal Support

  • Whether as a spouse you worked or did not work outside of the home, helped build the family business or ran a successful company separate and distinct from your spouse we will work within the law to determine if, and how much spousal support you are entitled to receive.
  • Spousal support is a particularly technical area of the law and has implications under the Income Tax Act AND it may be payable by either spouse, whether common law or married.
  • Spousal support can also be paid on a “need” basis (such as the need to meet living expenses) or on a “compensatory” basis (compensating a party for the role they played within the relationship.)
  • With due diligence, Foote Law will do the detailed work of determining if spousal support is payable, the amount payable and the duration for which it might be payable.

Support Enforcement

  • If you have a court order or a separation agreement that includes child support or spousal support and you are having a hard time enforcing the support provisions you DO have options. You may want to consider registering with the Family Responsibilities Office.
  • Foote Law can assist you with this process and with having your agreement and/or court order filed with the responsibilities office in order to enable them to collect support on your behalf.

Equalization Process

  • Equity of assets doesn’t always mean splitting things 50/50. Our team will utilize outside resources such as accountants when necessary, to determine an appropriate division of assets. ​​These assets will vary depending on whether you are married or common law and whether you have either a marriage contract or cohabitation agreement in place.
  • Married couples for example have the automatic right to an equalization of property accumulated through the marriage while common law couples do not.*
  • Foote Law, with (as noted above) the assistance of professional third parties, will help to determine net family property values and how properties should be divided upon breakdown of the relationship. *Common law couples may be able to bring a claim to court in order to seek a share in the value of the property accumulated.


Families come in all shapes and sizes. If you are choosing to add to your family through the adoption of a child, Foote Law can assist you with the legal adoption process and other family services.

Powers of Attorney for Personal Care and Property

  • When it comes to Powers of Attorney for either personal care or property reasons, you need to carefully consider who amongst your family or friends would be a good choice to assist you or to act as your Substitute Decision Maker.
  • A legally designated SDM has significant authority over you and/or your assets in the event you are incapacitated so it should be clear in your agreement under what conditions their authority will occur (medical incapacitation for example) and what your wishes are.
  • We’ll make sure you’ve considered every scenario and have agreements in place designed to meet your expectations.
  • If you have strong feelings in particular about any health care you might receive should you find yourself on life support, Foote Law will discuss health care and related family services directives you may wish to have in place.