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Power of Attorney

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There are two types of Powers of Attorney. One is termed “Power of Attorney for Property”. The second is termed “Power of Attorney for Personal Care” similar to a document titled “Living Will”.

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What is a Power of Attorney for Property?

A Power of Attorney for Property is a document that allows you to clearly state your intentions regarding your assets and debts, should you become temporarily incapacitated due to accident or injury, or permanently disabled and unable to care for assets and property, you will need a Power of Attorney for Property. Your Attorney designated and this document will guide and ensure your wishes are maintained during an extremely stressful and challenging time for you and your loved ones.

A Power of attorney for Property allows you to designate an individual(s) who will manage your financial assets and investments, pay your bills, manage your business in your absence and/or manage your real estate concerns. A Power of Attorney for Property can be very specific, clearly outline what permissions you enable the Attorney to have or withhold, in circumstances under which a Power of Attorney would apply.

What is a Power of Attorney for Personal Care?

A Power of Attorney for Personal Care is similar to a Living Will. Specifically, a Power of Attorney for Personal Care, is a document where you designate one or more persons, typically a partner or close loved one, to make decisions on your behalf regarding your personal care, hygiene, medical treatment and even housing. A Power of Attorney for Personal Care may be used, as an example, in the case of a patient with Dementia who is no longer able to provide their own care and/or who is a danger to themself or others.

In summary, when a loved one passes, emotions are high, and decisions are difficult. Working with the compassionate team of family lawyers at Foote Law allows you and/or your loved ones to make difficult decisions while not under duress. A Will is an affordable document that is your legal protection when you need it most or when you want to help protect your loved ones from the added burden of managing your affairs without your guidance after your death.

Talk to us about the importance of having a Will and affordable options for putting a Will in place. Help is available. Talk to the Foote Law team who will help maintain the dignity and respect of you and your loved ones while guaranteeing top tier legal advice with a compassionate and caring approach.

What is a Living Will?

A Living Will is a document that allows you to clearly state your intentions regarding the manner of your death, should you be seriously injured, completely incapacitated and/or otherwise unable to decide regarding your ongoing medical care. An example might include where a team of physicians has determined your chances of survival with, or without long term repercussions, is minimal. A Living Will, articulated in writing before a situation of terminal illness occurs, ensures your wishes to remain or not to remain on life-support will be honored. It specifically relates to your medical care and when you would wish to have medical care terminated.