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Support Enforcement

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Are you separating from your spouse, and require support enforcement? If you have obtained a court order or entered into a separation agreement that includes a provision for child support or spousal support, you do have options. You may want to consider registering with the Family Responsibilities Office. 

Foote Law firm in Orangeville can assist you with having your agreement and/or court order filed with the Family Responsibilities Office in order to enable them to enforce and collect support on your behalf.

What Is Support Enforcement?

Support enforcement refers to the legal process of ensuring that court-ordered financial support, such as child support or spousal support is paid by the obligated party. When a court mandates one party to provide financial assistance to another, failure to comply can lead to enforcement actions. Various governmental agencies or entities are typically responsible for enforcing support orders. These agencies use a range of methods to ensure compliance, including:


Directly deducting the amount owed from the payor’s wages or income to meet support obligations.


Taking possession of property or assets to satisfy outstanding support payments.


Suspending professional licenses, driver’s licenses, or other permits until payments are made.


Reporting non-payment to credit bureaus, affecting the delinquent party’s credit score.


Holding the non-compliant party in contempt of court, which can result in fines, community service, or even imprisonment.


How Can Foote Law Firm Help?

Support enforcement agencies, like the Family Responsibilities Office, work diligently to ensure that support orders are enforced, aiming to provide financial assistance to dependents and uphold the legal obligations outlined by the court and/or agreement. These agencies are crucial in safeguarding the well-being of individuals who rely on court-ordered support for their livelihood.

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If you are in Orangeville or the surrounding area, going through a separation, or want to ensure that all support provisions in your separation agreement are being met, then call or email Foote Law today, and let us ensure that you are treated fairly and receiving what you are entitled to.

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